Control Systems

Our machine control systems can be found in the Machine Tool, Textile, Plastics and Aerospace industries. We specialize in cutting edge, state of the art, turnkey, energy efficient, control packages paying strict attention to the details. We don't hold your control system hostage with a "closed architecture" environment. We realize that in designing custom control systems that every contingency will not be part of your system. That's why we employ "Open Architecture" software. This process allows you the customer to make future adjustments and or modifications to your control system as you grow. This gives your control system the ability to change as your processes change, to meet tomorrow's challenges.

We are also acutely aware of our environment and make every opportunity to specify "Green" energy efficient electrical hardware components. By using these products, it not only gives you the most efficient system available today, it is also good for the environment by using products that don't adversely affect it. Our control systems being designed this way will also be eligible for federal and state tax credits. These tax credits can enhance your bottom line by reducing the project cost, which then increases your return on investment.

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